T-V856 Parts Machining Center

T-V856 Parts Machining Center

3 Axis Linear guideway with Max speed 48m/min

Spindle speed 10000rpm


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• Meehanite cast iron

• FEA(Finite Element Analysis)

• Wide base, box-shaped column, longer and wider saddle, full support design

tapping machine

• High Precision

• High Speed

• High Efficiency

CNC Tapping Machine

• All 3 axis use line guideway and ball screw

• Axis linear movement speed is up to 60m/min


CNC Tapping Machine


• Re-developed control system

• Diversified options for customer’s selection

tapping machine

• Advanced equipment and experienced personnel for QC

• Every machine must go through hundreds of testing and inspection before delivery

CNC Tapping Machine

• Dynamic balance testing for key parts such as spindle

• Machined parts must be tested to check the machine precision

tapping machine
Description                        T-V856
TableSize                                                                                                          mm                        900*500
T-Slot                         5-18*100
Max. LoadingCapacity                                                                                  kg                        450
TravelsX/Y/Z Axis                                                                               mm                        800/500/600
Distance from Spindle nose to table surface                   mm                        125-725
SpindleSpindle taper                         BT-40
Max. Speed                                                                                                   rpm                        10000
SpindleMotor                                                                                                   kw                        7.5
Feedrate Rapid Traves(X/Y/Z)                                                               m/min                        48/48/48
ATCTool Storage Capacity                                                                 T                        24T
Max.Tool Diameter(with/without adjacent tool)         mm                        75/150
Max.Tool Length                                                                          mm                         300
Max.Tool Weight                                                                         kg                         8
Accurancy Positioning                                                                                  mm                         0.01
Repeating                                                                                 mm                         0.003
Power SupplyMotor (X/Y/Z)kw                         2.0/2.0/3.0
Total Power Capacitykva                         15
Machine DimensionSize(L*W*H)mm                         2250*2610*2700
Weightkg                         4200
Standard  Optional 
Full enclosure guard FANUC or SIMENS system
3 Axes telescopic cover Spindle coolant system
Air blasting through spindle Air conditioner for electric cabinet
Operation status lamp The fourth axis
Working lamp Chip Remover
MPG handwheel  
RS232 interference   
Automatic lubrication system  
Turret Tool magazine with 24 stations   
Heat exchanger for electric cabinet   
Cutting fluid cooling system  
Mitsubishi control system  
Rear chip flushing system  
Tool box with tools, leveling bolts and pads  
Operation and programming manual   

Suitable for machining parts in the industry like Hardware, Automobile,Aerospace and some other precision parts