Taikan has 3 scopes of machines based on material and automation level


Metal processing (Click here>>)


Glass processing (Click here>>)


Automation (Click here>>)


How to choose the best machine for your work piece, here some tips for your reference:


3C industry and small metal parts and small mould


Tapping center is your ideal option, tapping is a small vertical machining center and features high efficiency.

CNC Tapping Center>>


For bigger parts and also efficiency is priority, then  Parts machining center series is a good option

Parts Machining center >>

If you have both metal parts and mould to processing and various material, then linear way series is the best, with X and Y linear rail and Z axis in box way which combines speed and rigidity.

Linear Guide Rail>>


But if you only process mould or some hard material, Box way series will take the job, 3 line are in box way guarantees the rigidity.

Box ways Series>>


Some big and complex parts in automobile, aerospace industry will require big machine like double column machining center (Gantry type).

Double Column Machining Center>>

For some parts requires high precision and high surface finish, high speed engraving &milling machine and peculiar machine can help

High Speed Engraving&Milling Machine>>

Specular Machine>>

But if you intend to build up whole manufacturing system in automatic way. We can provide whole integral automation solution which we have some successful experience.

Regarding glass processing parts used in 3C industry, medical industry, optical industry and automobile industry and so on, you can contact us for professional recommendation.

Glass Engraving machine>>