G-2840R2 Gantry Machine Center

G-2840R2 Gantry Machine Center

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Product Characteristics

1.The machine is fixed by gantry frame and the working table moves. The basic parts are made of high quality resin sand molding and high strength cast iron, so that the machine can get high rigidity and stable precision. The main castings are analyzed by finite element method and the steel bars are arranged reasonably, which fully meet the needs of high torque cutting of machine tools.

2.The spindle selected by the machine tool, with large torque, high speed and low noise, fully meets the requirements of boring, milling and drilling. The standard oil cooler can reduce the temperature of the spindle, improve the service life of the bearing and reduce the thermal deformation of the spindle. 

3.Bed guide rail (X axis) and beam guide rail (Y axis) adopt imported heavy-duty roller linear guide rail, with low friction, strong bearing capacity, low vibration at high speed, no crawling at low speed, and high positioning accuracy. Crossbeam guide rail adopts front side and top combination arrangement, increase guide rail span, improve bearing capacity; The sliding pillow guide rail (Z axis) is made of cast iron which is surrounded by four sides and attached with plastic guide rail, which has good vibration absorption and ensures smooth cutting during machining. It is especially suitable for spindle elongation and strong milling, big hole boring and Angle head machining.
The X, Y and Z feeding shafts are driven by Fanuc-beam feeding motor, with good stability and reliable operation. X axis and Y axis are driven by ball screw with long lead; The Z axis USES the motor and the ball screw direct connection, and the Z axis USES the double drive structure.


Application Area

G-2840R2 double column machine is mainly applicable to the aviation, aerospace, automotive, military, energy, information, mold and other industries parts processing. It is characterized by high speed, high precision, high flexibility and environmental protection. Its performance index and precision index completely accord with the national standard. Through modular design, the products can be serialized and customized according to the market demand, and its good performance and price ratio is the best choice for customers at home and abroad.

Product Parameters

TravelingX axismm4200 
Y axismm2800 
Z axismm1000 
Distance from spindle nose to working tablemm200-1200 
Available gantry widthmm2750 
Working tableWorking table sizemm2000*4000 
Max loadingKg20000 
T-SLOT(QTY-WIDTH*SPACE)mm11-18 (mid 200, sides 125) 
SpindleMotor power(Rated/ short time)kw22/26 
Spindle speedr/min4000-6000Within 120 minutes
Max TorqueN.m790/933 
Spindle diametermmΦ210 
Gear ratio 1:1/1:5.640625 
Slide pillow sectionmm400*400 
Tapper BT50 
Pull stud P50T-I(MAS403) 
GuideX axis 2-55 Roller 
Y axis 2-55 Roller 
Z axis Fully inclusive sliding rail 
Motor powerkw6/4/2-7 
Reduction gear ratio 1:2/1:2/1:1 
SpeedCutting feed ratemm/min8000/8000/8000 
X/Y/Z rapid traversemm/min12000/12000/16000 
AccuracyPosition accuracy(X/Y/Z)No raster0.035/0.029/0.020 
With raster0.020/0.017/0.010 
Repeatability(X/Y/Z)No raster0.019/0.014/0.010 
With raster0.013/0.011/0.008 
OtherZ axis counterweight Hydraulic + nitrogen balance 
Controller FANUC OI-MF(5)/β 
Air sourceair flowL/min≥500 
Whole electric capacityKVA80KVA 
Cooling tank capacityL700 

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