T-500B High-speed Tapping and Drilling Machine

T-500B High-speed Tapping and Drilling Machine

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Product Characteristics

Taikan Tapping and drilling High speed rigid tapping T-500B high efficiency

1. Base span 1120 mm, span large, multi-point support, effective dispersion of pressure, worktable load and processing bearing capacity to obtain effective support.

2. Base linear railway span of up to 500 mm, to ensure that the machine seat in high-speed displacement, high-speed cutting without jitter, to meet the fine addition of 3 products and high light requirements, not easy to produce vibration lines.

3. Column mounting surface span width 800 mm, saddle guide rail span width 290 mm, suitable for heavy cutting of the product, at the same time to ensure that the spindle in high speed rotation will not cause machine vibration, to ensure the precision requirements of the processed products.

4.The cable is shielded and grounded according to the CE standard, the layout of the components is beautiful and reasonable, and the power partition of the electric box is connected.

5.PLC modularity facilitates quick verification and reduces error rates.

Application Area

Mainly used for 3 C of consumer electronics shell, stainless steel equipment, aerospace, automotive parts and equipment in the industry of small plate parts processing.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters
working table sizemm620*400
travelX axismm520
 Y axismm360
 Z axismm340
working table T-slot Sizemm3-14*120
distance from spindle nose to working tablemm160-480(21T)/160-470(26T)
distance from spindle center to body surfacemm445
spindle speed(standard)mm50-20000(2400)
spindle taper#BT-30
spindle powerkw5.5/3.7
X axis rapid traverse ratem/min48
Y axis rapid traverse ratem/min48
Z axis rapid traverse ratem/min48
cutting speedmm/min1-30000
three-axis motor powerkw1.5/1.5/2.2
max tool weightkg3
tool lengthmm200
max diameter(Full knife/adjacent empty knife)mm60/80
tank capacityL145
air pressure demandMpa0.5-0.8
total power consumptionkva12
positioning accuracymm0.006
repeat accuracymm0.004
max loadkg250
machine weightkg3100
outline dimensionsmm1600*2600*2300
tool magazinebit21(26)