T-1200 Machining Center

T-1200 Machining Center

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Product Characteristics

1.The wider and heavier base, while lowering the center of gravity, can resist torsional shock absorption and effectively move the cutting vibration to the non-cutting area。

2.The spindle motor and spindle are driven directly to reduce the error of high speed tapping. The characteristic of high output force can play a large role in high speed and high efficiency machining and heavy cutting machining。

3.High speed spindle response speed, the use of ceramic ball bearings, greatly prolong the life of the spindle;

4.The z-axis optimization improves the stiffness and greatly increases the acceleration of z-axis, and reduces the running time of empty stroke.

5.Machine tool large tilt chip removal Angle, sheet metal chip removal groove added stainless steel chip guide plate more effectively improve the chip removal effect, machine tool standard high power water pump can quickly clean the chip, and speed up the flow of cutting fluid;

6.26T high-speed servo tool change, PLC tool change the best optimization, shorten the tool change time, fast and stable, reduce the non-processing time。

7.High speed rigid tapping。

8.By loading the high-speed PLC engine, the response speed is improved, the cycle is shortened, the machining details parameters are optimized, and the feed smoothness is improved. The improved machining edge/surface effect does not need to arrange the subsequent process processing。

9.The quick moving speed of X/Y axis 40m/min, Y axis 40m/min and Z axis 36m /min reduces the processing time and improves the processing efficiency。

10.International advanced machine tool technology, domestic production and sales of low prices

Application Area

In 5G industry, medium and small base station communication boxes, radiators, filters, on-board terminals, smart door locks, mobile phone manufacturing, tablet computers and other cavity, frame, panel and shell type can be processed efficiently. Broaden the traditional drilling and tapping machine processing field.


Product Parameters

TravelingX axismm1200 
Y axismm650 
Z axismm400 
The distance from spindle nose to working tablemm150-550 
Distance from spindle center to the guide railmm765 
Working tableTable sizemm1300*600 
Max loadingKg800 
SpindleMotor power (Rating/Short time)kW3.7/5.5 
Motor torque(Rating/Short time)N.m23.6/35 
Spindle speed(Optional)rpm50-12000 
Spindle speedmmФ100 
GuideX axis/MSA45E 
Y axis/MSA45E 
Z axis/MSA45LE 
DriverScrew spec X/Y/ZmmX:40/12 
Motor power X/Y/Zkw2.2/2.2/3.0 
SpeedCutting speedmm/min1-20000 
X、Y、Z rapid traverse ratem/min40/48/36 
AccuracyPositioning accuracy(X/Y/Z)mm0.015GB/T 18400.4
repeatability(X/Y/Z)mm0.01GB/T 18400.4
 Tool magazineTool capacity26 
tool weightkg3 
tool lengthmm200 
Max.diameter(full/adjacent )mmФ60/Ф80 
OthersController 三菱M80A 
Air supplyAir flowL/min≥200(ANR) 
total machine powerkVA15 
water tank capacityL330 
Machine size(lenth*width*height)mm2960*3430*2680 


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1. A professional manufacturer of machine tools and automation products.

2. Three production bases: Shenzhen, Suzhou and Yibin, ensuring a monthly production capacity of 2,000 units.

3. A high-tech listed company.

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