1, Machine selection

You need to know some key specification of machine tools and machining technical requirements. The following information is necessary for choosing the right machine.

a.The size of workpiece

If your workpiece is 800*500mm, then the table size should be at least equal or bigger than the workpiece.


Material will decide what model of machine is suitable for your machining, material like steel and iron requires high rigidity while aluminum requires less, ceramic and glass requires high speed and milling head is also different.

c.Precision requirements

Positioning precision and repeating precision are two key factor for precision

d.Other special requirements

Some options are provided for some special machining requirements.

2. Consultation

If you are not sure about how to chose the right model. you can contact us directly by phone or mail, usually you can have feedback in 12 hours. Or you can submit your requirements in our contact form. You can also find the direct contact detail of our sales person for your market from our Global network.

3. Quotation

Quotation will be given after your machining requirements and company detail are confirmed.

4. Contract

After the contract is signed, the manufacturing will be arranged after the advance payment is placed. And customer will be informed of the process of production and delivery time.

5. Packing and delivery

Packing will be made according to transportation way considering the safety during the transportation.

Taikan will be responsible for transportation based on term of CIF and C&F.

Customer will be responsible for transportation based on tem of FOB and EX-WORK.

6. installation and training

The installation will be either carried out by Taikan or authorized local service team.

7. Warranty

Machine is warranted for 1 year since the inspection date.